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Affiliate Partner Opportunities:  

Canvas offers a website with dynamic content artfully designed to create pursuasive experience for anyone having an interest in turning a sentimental family photo into Art on Canvas. Our range of products, Artistic skill and affordable pricing make our offers uniquely attractive. Because of our presence in retail stores we don't sell directly to the public. In addition to these retail partnerships we offer an affiliate program for other website operators who wish to offer these types of services on their website.

25% Commission Structure:
While standard affiliate commissions run in the 10% range we offer our affiliate partners a generous 25% commission. Your customers will always be your customers because we don't sell direct to the public thru this site. We use tracking cookies and record IP addresses to insure sales from returning customers are always allocated properly to the correct referring partner. As an affiliate parnter you'll receive automatic email notifications in real time whenever a customer you refer makes a purchase. You'll also have access to a password protected web page in our shopping cart where you'll be able to view your entire account summary. We aggregate all commissions and pay them to each partner once each month.

Promotional Banner Art:
We provide attractive Promotional Banner Art in the form of graphic images or small flash movies such as the one pictured at right. You show this promotional content in a high traffic location on your website. All our graphics and flash movies are embedded with a hyperlink which includes the name of your URL in the code. This allows us to immediately recognize all inbound traffic from your site and credit you with any sale that occurs. A computer program running on our site stores the public IP address of your visitor - enabling us to recognize him in the future should he ever return to our site directly. Whenever any of your customers click on an "ORDER" button our shopping cart automatically shows your company name at the top. The sale is recorded under your affiliate account and your commission is stored.

Give it a on the flash movie at right and you will see a new browser window open which re-directs to our home page. In the address bar you will see the name of the demo store we created called "Your Store Name". Click on any one of the yellow ORDER buttons and you will see the full name and address of the referring affiliate listed at the top of the cart. We carry your branding through the shopping cart all the way to the receipt page. Next open a new browser window and go to our site directly. This will simulate your customers coming back to our site directly in the future. Click on any ORDER button and you will see our cart remembers you as a returning customer of the referring affiliate called "Your Store Name". We use these innovative technologies to make sure you're a partner in every sale.

Our Affiliate Philosophy: wants to work with all types of sites, from large commercial sites to individual Web pages, and everything in between. Anyone may submit an affiliate request, and we review each and every potential Affiliate Web site before accepting it into our network. We do reserve the right to refuse a site if it contains objectionable material, including pornography, explicit language or content, or support for violent groups. It costs nothing to join our Affiliate partner network and you are free to cancel at any time.

Please contact us if you'd like to explore the idea of becoming an Affiliate partner with us.
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        1930 Village Center Circle, Suite 3-800
        Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
        Tel: (800) 777-8989 or (702) 309-3800
        Fax: (702) 740-4343

        Hours: Weekdays, 9am to 4pm pacific time.

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